Industrial & Manufacturing

Enhance Communication in Your Industrial Workplace

With the pressure to attract skilled workers, face global competition, and adapt to changing work environments, manufacturing companies need advanced technology solutions. Equip your teams with the necessary tools to maintain seamless communication across multiple locations without any barriers.

Digital Signage

Broadcast Essential Information Across Frontline Sites

Share the latest announcements, company updates, and health and safety guidelines. Implement digital signage in high-traffic areas like factory floors, locker rooms, and cafeterias to effectively promote your brand and ensure safety.

Employee App

Keep Your Manufacturing Teams Informed

Align your frontline workers with the company’s goals through clear and timely communication. Effective communication enhances productivity, employee satisfaction, and workplace safety.

Industrial Intranet

Build a Robust Knowledge Base and Connect Every Worker

A modern intranet enables the retention of skills and knowledge within your organization. Utilize the expertise of long-serving employees while providing tech-savvy newcomers with the tools to innovate, fostering increased collaboration and productivity.

Industry Feeds

Address Key Issues with Award-Winning Industry Content

Our content experts monitor the compliance needs of over a dozen industries, designing and curating content specific to the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Industry feeds cover critical topics in safety, performance, and workplace culture.

Visitor Management

Ensure Safe and Efficient Facility Access

Protect your people and visitors by allowing guests to pre-register and quickly check-in upon arrival, while adhering to industry regulations.