Digital signage for learning institutions.
Connect students with their teachers by giving them the tools they need for effective collaboration. Make navigating the school easy for them, finding libraries, study spaces, and even classrooms. Make sure they always receive important communication.

Education Intranet

Improve communication for education facilities

Unite individuals and data seamlessly through a modern intranet, designed to facilitate the sharing of news, support for practice communities, and easy access to forms, policies, and your Learning Management System (LMS). Avoid the dangers associated with unapproved tools by keeping all information securely within your institution's infrastructure.

Space Management for Education

Reserve study spaces

Give students a convenient way to book desks and study spaces on their desired floors, close to friends, or in a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle.

Digital Signage for Campuses

Publish updates and information campus-wide

Share latest campus safety alerts, schedules, announcements, and additional information via digital signage. Ensure your messages reach student centers, hallways, cafeterias, and other areas across campus.

Broadcasts & Alerts

Enhance campus safety with emergency notifications.

In the event of an emergency, interrupt normal communications to alert students, staff, and visitors. These alerts can be activated manually or through third-party systems like Singlewire and Alertus, providing instructions on digital signs across the campus.

Campus Video Walls

Enhance campus safety with emergency notifications.

Elevate your communications. Motivate staff and students by using multiple screens for digital signage. Enhance your campus communications in high-traffic areas to increase school spirit, welcome new students, and foster a sense of community.

Visitor Management

Manage your campus visitors

Foster a secure environment for faculty, students, and visitors by enabling guests to pre-register for building access and streamline their check-in process upon arrival, all while complying with capacity planning guidelines.