Additional Services

We’re at your service if you need additional expertise to take your deployment to the next level..

Content Creation

As the saying goes “Content is King” and this cannot be more true when it comes to digital media signage. The success of your digital media signage strategy is dependent on a number of factors with content being at the forefront.

However in many cases the cost of good content is normally the barrier and with this in mind Comtel’s Digital Content Department provides eye catching, high quality content at an affordable rate. Our current customers and new customers who take on our digital media signage service have the greatest to gain as we provide the content creation at a discounted rate.

Content Management

We understand that you are busy and the time to manage the content and edit the errors is just not there in an 8 hour work day. That is the reason why Comtel is providing Content Management Service to all our customers. We assist and manage:

  • Content Planning
  • Customer & Corporate Communication
  • Content Scheduling
  • Design Changes
  • Removal of old content
  • Integration into 3rd party Apps e.g weather
  • Managing 3rd Party Ads
  • 3rd Party Advertising

    As companies enhance and improve their communications using Comtel’s Digital Media Signage Platform. Some companies are going a step further and using their TV screen network to generate revenue through 3rd party advertising. Comtel will:

    Comtel will assist on below:

  • Manage the uploading and scheduling of all approved 3rd party Ads.
  • We will work with your referred 3rd party advertisers and provide them with content creation at a nominal fee.
  • Ensure all 3rd party advertising does not hinder your internal communications.
  • Remote Management

    Our technical team monitors the health of your digital media signage network on a daily basis. We will notify the customer of any abnormalities immediately and assist in resolving the issue.


    Comtel provide the same experience across multiple devices by integrating our digital media signage platform into other software Apps used internally.

    We provide integration into 3rd party applications and social media platforms, by integrating your digital signage into social media platforms the screens and devices will automatically display the latest feeds from their social platform giving companies live visibility.