Financial Services

Financial institutions rely heavily on a stable and efficient work environment.

From adhering to regulations to meeting the increasing demands of customers and staff, there are numerous factors to consider within the financial sector. With us, you can access several tools designed to enhance efficiency, facilitate seamless collaboration regardless of location, and effectively oversee vital information throughout your company.

Financial Services Intranet

Enhance connectivity and safeguard sensitive information.

In the dynamic realm of financial services, an updated internal network can serve as your advantage, refining operational methodologies and elevating both client and staff interactions. Our intranet refrains from hosting your data. Instead, it remains exclusively within your Microsoft ecosystem.

Employee Collaboration App

Ensure universal connection, regardless of location.

Maintaining employee involvement poses a challenge within financial sectors. However, with us, you can simplify accessibility for your workforce to access recent updates, multimedia content, and office reservation functionalities, irrespective of their whereabouts – whether stationed at headquarters, engaged with clientele, or in transit.

Enterprise Messaging Integration

Engage corporate staff through familiar channels.

Eliminate the need for employees to install and adapt to a new application. Distribute our communications seamlessly into your enterprise messaging platforms that your workforce is accustomed to, such as Teams, Webex, Slack, and Workplace.

Digital Signage for Banks

Enhance both your workplace ambiance and customer interactions.

Distribute current updates, marketing initiatives, or operational directives through digital displays strategically positioned within your branches, team workspaces, customer service zones, corridors, and conference areas.

Space Reservation

Find and reserve rooms, desks, spaces, and more

As numerous financial service enterprises transition towards adaptable and hybrid work methodologies, here's a straightforward solution for staff to schedule resources. They can reserve a workstation or room on a designated floor, in proximity to colleagues, or distanced from bustling environments, all per your capacity management guidelines.