Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is a totality of cognitive, affective, sensory, and behavioral consumer responses during all stages of the consumption process including pre-purchase, consumption, and post-purchase stages.

Queue Management

Once connected to Comtel’s DMIP your company will have access to other services such as queue management.

Queue Management as a Service (QMaas) makes the solution cost effective for any organization and removes the high infrastructure costs normally associated with the solution.

Customer Feedback

How do you know if you are doing something good or wrong with your customers in business? If you don’t know that something is wrong how are you going to fix it? Ask your customer!

In most cases we realise that something is wrong, that something does not work well and that we need to change something when we face the consequences. Comtel now offers companies an affordable monthly subscription solution to retrieve vital information from their customers.

Our Customer feedback is a tool that requests an instant opinion from your customers at the end of a service or purchase. You will know what exactly your customers are thinking and what to do to see them again.

Customer Interactive Kiosks

Browse people directories, room or desk availability, wayfinding, and other workplace services. Turn other devices into interactive kiosks. Comtel Signage runs on the devices you already have and almost any device can become a kiosk.

Any end point can be turned into an interactive kiosk to make visitor management and employee check-in simple. Whether via an integrated touch-enabled screen, connection to an interactive display, or leveraging API’s to deploy external controllers for passive signage, Comtel Unified Platform comes with built-in I/O which immediately provides interactivity capabilities.

Maintain a safe office environment with touchless check-in. Use QR Codes on kiosk screens or mobile device to complete at the check-in process all without ever touching a shared display.

Visitor Management

Manage building capacity and the flow of visitors entering your offices. Provide a welcoming and seamless experience to your employees and guests. Touchless Check-in, use a mobile device to scan custom created QR codes that can be displayed on any device.

Visitor Management consists of a specialized card that can be deployed to any device. Use it on interactive displays so visitors can identify themselves and who they visiting. The visitor module will track all visitors and provide reporting on visitor data.

Use Visitor Management to manage guest registration & check-in. Build interactive kiosk experiences for both visitor and employee check-in and use maps for wayfinding to floors, spaces, or points of interest. Reinforce safety compliance policies by controlling building access. Building access can be booked in advance using the Employee App and managed in the console. You can also gather visitor information, photos, host info and signature to gain better understanding of who is in the building and when.