About Us

Our Brief History.

Founded in 2006 with offices in Kenya and Uganda, Comtel Integrators Africa has gradually become one of the leading Digital Media Signage providers in Africa.

Starting off as an IT reseller providing computers, laptops and printers the founders quickly realized that this was not the business they had envisioned and by 2007 the company strategy changed to focus on project related business. With this new strategy Comtel was one of the first companies in Uganda to deploy a fully operated Cisco Unified Communications Solution to Tullow Oil.

In 2009 the company made a pivot on the strategy and invested into Digital Media Signage with the goal of providing the solution as a Service. Comtel’s Digital Media Intelligence Platform (DMIP) Cloud Service was built with the assistance of a USA based company. Since 2009 Comtel has been providing Digital Media Signage as a Service and has continued to upgrade the Digital Media Signage Platform to meet global demands.

Today our platform is a key communication tool for your customers and employees, integrating the Digital Media Signage Platform with mobile devices and video platforms such as Teams have made it much easier for organizations to centralize their communications and keep a constant message.

We are an information technology services company that enables hardware and software technologies for business to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits. It's our goal to enable responsive, productive, and resilient companies through the application of information technologies.