Employee Collaboration

Real-time communications are now more critical than ever. As our working culture is changing with some employees opting to work from home, this does not mean they need to feel out of touch.

Employee Communication

Consistent, timely communications are more critical than ever. Your team may be geographically dispersed, but that doesn’t mean they need to feel out of the loop.

Digital Media Signage cuts through the noise of emails, chats, and oversaturated channels, bringing important information to all digital signage and devices.

Employee App

The Employee App is the central place for employees to view corporate content and make reservations whether they are at home, in the office, or on the go. Improve employee communications and the work place experience by making it easy for the user to access information via a computer, tablet or phone.

Only Employees with a premium user account can access the Employee App.

Enterprise Messaging

Use Comtel’s Digital Signage Unified Platform to send messages to enterprise messaging apps like Teams, Webex and even synchronize with your digital signage displays across your network.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our digital media signage unified platform integrates into Microsoft Teams giving you the ability to reach every corner of your organization in one go by publishing information not only to the work space displays but also into existing Microsoft Teams chat groups.

Simple configuration means updates can now find their way to your entire team of specific groups.

Enterprise TV

Simplify how your team connects with live and recorded video, streaming services, announcements and more.

Access Anywhere – View content on TV’s, collaboration displays, computers, phones and more.

Broad Capability – work out-of-the-box with video encoders.

Enhance Collaboration – view streamed content on displays in conference rooms and meeting spaces.

On-brand Experience – customize look and feel to represent your brand and culture.