Company History

The genesis of Comtel stretches back to 2005 when three (3) Information Technology("IT") consultants and engineers from Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Uganda teamed up with leading Uganda-based British businessman to create e reliable and formidable supplier of IT hardware and software for the Ugandan market.

Starting off as an IT reseller and distributor, Comtel swiftly metamorphosed into a solid IT Centre of excellence for clients in the East African region.

Comtel now boasts a full spectrum of IT Services and products over fifty (50) IT Proffesionals, consultants and engineers, two(2) offices in East Africa and a sterling reputation as one of the leading IT firms in the region.


What Comtel does

Comtel purposely keeps its offering list short and punchy to enable deep specialism, client focus and the effective customization of solutions to perfectly fit its clients needs and expectations.

The expansion of Comtel's expertise breadth is driven by th kinetics of global innovation in terms of IT -enabled solutions for business.

Comtel brings the globe to its market place.

We have taken the liberty to provide further elucidation of the constituents, as set out above, of our Core IT solution set on the next pages of this Company profile document, that explains how Comtel creates value for its clients via each of one of these constituents.

"To become one of the leading African Information Technology (IT) consulting firms by successfully being the most critical strategic business partner for all of our clients through effective business leverage precipitation."

"We exist to:

Dedicate all of our time, efforts and resources to securing our clients' business success

Seamlessly bring relevant and mission-critical IT innovations to our clients' businesses

Be trusted and cherished by our clients"