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About Us


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Our Company

Comtel Integrators Africa is a leading Cloud and Solution provider, our focus is to ensure we deliver services that add value to our customers. The organization started in 2006 as a Systems Integrator combining Computers and Telecommunications as an integrated solution. Comtel was one of the first companies in Uganda to deploy a fully integrated Cisco Unified Communications Solution for Tullow Oil and further went on to deploy Cisco Unified Communications and EMC Storage solutions for Orange Telecom in Uganda.

In 2009 the company made a strategic decision to move into Cloud Service Solutions and built the first Digital Media Signage Cloud Service in Africa with the first implementation at Stanbic Bank Uganda in over 100 connected branches, Uganda’s largest Commercial Bank. In 2013 the company set up operations in Kenya breaking away from the normal system integration work and focusing on Digital Media Signage as a Service and Queue Management as a Service.

Our Vision

To provide cost effective Solutions as a Service providing our customers with value beyond technology.

Our Core Values

  • Committed – We are committed to providing our customers with high level solutions and services.
  • Organized – We ensure our teams work together on a common goal.
  • Motivated – We keep our staff motivated to ensuring our customers are always happy.
  • Trusted – We continuously mentor and coach our teams on the importance of trust whilst working together and the trust the customer must have with us.
  • Efficient – Our Company operates with a lean team this making it easier for us to respond to any case efficiently and effectively.
  • Leveraged – Using the knowledge we have built over the last number of years and the high level partnerships we have made we are able to Leverage our skills to service our customers better